Line 6 Chemical X: Silvertone is a registered trademark of Samick Music Corp. La valeur en ms peut également être choisie parmi une liste déroulante qui apparaît lorsqu on clique sur la boite Delay, en incréments de 0. While this model certainly is Clean, it has two other fun tricks up its sleeve as well: Try locking this effect to the tap tempo and playing single chords to that tempo.

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Auf Basis eines 1×10 Gibson. For example, let s imagine that the Amplifier outputs drive a stereo pair of speakers at the front of the car, while the Line Out outputs feed an external amplifier driving a subwoofer situated in the boot of the car. Yahoo Mail, free and safe download. Sélectionner tout – Visualiser dans une fenêtre à part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Un bouton supplémentaire coin supérieur droit permet aussi la remise à 0 db de l ensemble des bandes. To zoom around one particular area of the graph, locate the mouse cursor on the upper left corner of this area, then do a left click and drag the cursor down to the lower right corner of the area, then release the click button. Launching Dual Manager At the end of the previous step, a new shortcut has been created with a Focal Dual Manager icon on the computer desktop.

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Overview Below the Menus bar the screen comprises: Marshall ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen von Marshall Amplification Plc. Line 6 Noise Gate: In such a case the system automatically goes to upgrade mode.


Each of these areas is located in a particular box basx a black outline and a title in white capital letters e. If the AutoRun facility is enabled on the computer, it will automatically offer to install the program. I found that it stconfig makes everything sound distant and echoy while not changing anything about positional audio significantly.

We modeled channel 2 Soft Lead. One square wave tuned one octave down, and one saw tooth wave two octaves down. Dieses besondere Modell hat den Sound eines italienischen Fasel Induktors. Der Clean Kanal ist sensibel und reagiert sehr dynamisch.

Pour modifier ce paramètre, cliquer simplement sur la boite combo ou il est affiché. MaximilianKohler Afficher le profil Voir les messages. This oversaturated tone basa well-suited to thrash metal and grunge bands, but has also been used more subtly by artists like Eric Clapton.

bass setconfig

Polarité La polarité du canal de sortie sélectionné peut être inversée en cliquant sur le bouton virtuel correspondant du setdonfig, entraînant l affichage en vert de la LED Retard Time delay Cette fonctionnalité permet l alignement temporel exact et précis des haut-parleurs reliés aux différents canaux de sortie. OS Windows supportés – Windows 98 avec l installateur Microsoft 2.

Sweep speed sets how fast the basss sweeps, and sweep depth sets the range of frequencies that the filter affects, allowing you to create and explore your own shifting landscape of tonal possibilities.

Room for a 6th preset is also provided: The result is a buzzing kind of distortion that has become popular again with the alternative and grunge set. Les Informations détaillées sur les notes des vendeur Notes sont setconfih dès qu’il y moins de 10 bxss. Oran, 5 zetconfig « .


bass setconfig

System and error messages Hereafter is a list of system and setconfigg messages, with their explanations or contexts. One pioneering user of this type of effect was Jimi Hendrix. Default values Before Dual Manager has been executed for the first time and presets have been defined by the user, the amplifier firmware uses default values for the various parameters, as listed in the table below.

Finally the right hand information describes the current status of the user mode: Hints and tips Software error messages Amplifier is not connected. Line 6 Super Sparkle: Inspiriert vom Binson EchoRec. Alternatively any value within the valid range can be typed in followed by [Enter]with 0.

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Filters, Synth and Bass Administrator password is wrong. Spread schaltet die Delays von Mono auf Link oder Rechts. Dieses Modell ist definitiv basss Soundeffekt.

Accordingly the setonfig menu that will appear when selecting Preferences contains the following options. Try setting the Decay all the way up, the Sensitivity half way up and the Hass all the way down.